Is your desire to grow to the next level and create forward momentum with your personal life, your dreams, business, ministry, organization or group?  Do you desire to create a lasting and successful team, organization, career, ministry or profession?  



clients JOHNNY HAS WORKED WITH along with leading entrepreneurs and businesses who have embraced the Maxwell Brand of leadership principles and put them to work for success in some of the world's biggest and most successful NON-PROFIT AND FOR-PROFIT companies.

Learn the how to's of leadership that helps you  create the life, team, organization, ministry and business that is profitable, productive, and helps make a positive difference for others. 


Johnny Morales

International speaker, coach and trainer

Johnny provides 25+ years of leadership training and experience for ministerial, for-profit businesses, non-profits, and for the faith based community.  His approach to personal growth, business profitability and or organizational growth  has been a life long journey of both successes and failures.

As a father, friend, business associate, minister or CEO; Johnny understands the struggles, set backs and barriers individuals, executives, managers, pastors and leaders can experience both personally and professionally.  He also understands the success, growth and profitability that can be experienced when there is support, accountability and intentional leadership development.  

As a teambuilder Johnny's passion for developing leaders of leaders has given him opportunity to empower and speak face to face with 20,000+ business, owners, pastors, directors,  supervisors, managers, governmental leader, employees, entertainers, military/police, parents, educators, families and youth....

Teamwork makes the dreamwork.  Receive leadership development that has been implemented around the world; including Fortune 500 and Fortune 200 companies, nonprofits, sports, education, families.... 


We are a global leadership development company dedicated to providing innovative coaching, resources and training designed to your specific needs both personally and professionally. I am here to come along side of you and your organization, projects, teams, groups or cause with the intentions to help you grow, learn and create your desired outcomes, goals and profitability.

Sherry Li, President ACASE





"I've learned so much from Johnny's presentation on leadership.  The information and skills learned will greatly help me to be a good and efficient leader in my community work.....

Providing world class and proven resources, material, coaching and training experiences that empowers our clients in achieving goals, personal breakthroughs and professional significance.....