Yes, it's time to write your book!

"Whether you are starting a blog, exploring a publication, or a seasoned author, you will benefit tremendously from Michelle's wisdom and experience. Michelle knows the media world well and offers valuable tools to navigate the ever-changing landscape of publishers, platforms, and social media. I am still benefitting from the time I invested in her class!"                                                                      ~ Rebecca Carrell - morning show co-host on 90.9 KCBI, author of "Holy Jellybeans: Finding God Through Everyday Things" and "Holy Hiking Boots: When God Makes the Ordinary Extraordinary!"

I am so excited to join you on your journey to writing your first book. I congratulate you on making the decision to finally make this a reality.  I'm sure you can agree you don't want any more delays or excuses for not writing the book that has been a dream in your heart and mind. Which is exactly why I am passionate about this virtual workshop I have personally designed just for you.  It really is time to write your book in 2018!

Sample Workshop content of session I (Total of 8 Sessions) - Five things you need to know before you get started! 

1. How to move past the fear and intimidation of writing a book? 
2. How do I know if my content is compelling? 
3. Ideas to creating your working style.
4. An overview of the types of publishing opportunities in the industry today. 
5. The MOST important thing you should know before you even begin and it has nothing to do with your actual book. You will be privy to what most author workshops won't share. 

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