Johnny was a key note speaker for a local public School in Arizona on the topic of anti_bullying. Johnny's son Johnny Jr. who is 17 years old joined his dad to share with 500 students on this very serious issues of violence within the schools.  Helping to create a student movement of Random Acts of Kindness 160+ students took a stand to fight against bullying with acts of kindness. Johnny believes this is the solution to students bullying other students and hopes to share the message to other students within the the school district. . 


One of the passions of Johnny's heart is to speak into the lives of youth who will be the next generation of leaders for our communities and the world we live in.  He has had the opportunity for the last 20+ years to invest into the next up and coming generation.  He has helped to serve and influence youth with teaching and leading specialized programs that are geared to helping youth in areas of Leadership development such as; Homeless, abused and troubled teens. He has also worked with youth within the foster care system, special needs, as well as college age students. 

Above picture is Johnny speaking to college students and faculty at Arizona State University on the topic of Leadership Development. 

Johnny has also worked with local inner city youth designing a leadership development training program for youth ages 11-14 yrs of age. The purpose was to help support inner city and youth at risk of gangs, violence, or drugs through the energetic sport of football.


The above video is a short snap shot of a local public Monoco middle school assembly that Johnny helped to organize and was one of the key note speakers on the topic of bullying and violence. 

Johnny has worked directly with Family Service Agencies both in Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix Arizona. He has provided leadership, parent training and wellness coaching for families needing parent training and assistance with staying connected with their teens. Parents learn the importance of clear rules and consistent supervision and how to practice a positive approach to discipline that teaches self-responsibility. Parents and youth participate in problem-solving, conflict resolution and asset-building activities designed to promote a nurturing and supportive family environment. 

Johnny had the opportunity to be one of the key leaders working with local organizations to help implement the first Students Against Violence Everywhere Chapter for the largest school district in the state of Nevada in 2008.  S.A.V.E. is an anti bullying and anti violence national program which is a student/parent led movement. This is a unique and powerful approach to youth safety because it recognizes the role that young people can take in making schools and communities safer.