Our 2018 LIFT 101 strategic purpose is designed to help your team, front line staff, managers, and supervisors develop their leadership potential as an individual as well as a team member with the purpose of fulfilling the mission and vision of your organization.  Each team member in your organization, team, group, project and or company should be recognized as a leader regardless of their title or position.  

The LIFT experience will be a series of interactive and fun workshops designed to empower all staff members with leadership tools, training and resources. It will be important for you to embrace this opportunity with a learner’s mindset.  Be ready to grow and be prepared to take action applying what you learn to being devoted to community well-being as we walk beside our clients to inspire a healthy future.  

The LIFT 201 experience will be geared specifically for every department Executives, supervisor and managers within our agency.  We will be utilizing the proven communication principles from the book Everyone Communicates Few Connect by John C. Maxwell. John was recently recognized as the #1 most popular leadership and management expert in the world. For leaders to influence their teams to perform at their highest potential achieving desired results, it is imperative for you as a supervisor to know the how to’s of great communication and great heart connections with those you are leading. 

Learning the “art” of communication is not just about saying something on an intellectual level.  It is also learning how to communicate on a “heart to heart” level that will connect with your team either one on one, in a small group setting or when you are speaking for a large group presentation/training event.  When leaders connect with their people, the results are profound. This training can be applied within the departments and teams you lead; as well as to your peers and upper leadership.  This is also applicable across diverse cultures, with community stake holders, our clients and within each department of our agency.